Musk tells in shareholders meeting that Tesla will relocate its headquarters in Texas


The chief of Tesla used to make unbelievable announcements from the past many years. This time Mr. Elon Musk said that he is going to relocate the headquarters of Tesla from California to Texas. Mr. Must chaired the meeting with the shareholders yesterday.

During the meeting, the Chief announced that they are going to change the place of HO. The meeting with the shareholders was held in Austin along with the operations team. Furthermore, in that meeting, Mr. Elon also meets with the engineers who are working on the project of the Cyber truck.

Relocation of Tesla:

It is pertinent to mention here that Tesla has announced this year regarding the launch of Cyber trucks, In addition, the company is also working on the projects semi-truck. On the other hand, other models are also in the pipeline of the company.

Additionally, model 3 and model 3 are in the process of operation and the company is very optimistic that all these models will be launched at the end of next year.

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As far as the announcement of relocation is concerned, Must said that he is very excited to announce the new move of the headquarters. It is necessary to know that this announcement was streamed live to the entire team. Mr. Musk thinks that this is part of enhanced productivity.

According to the owner of the world’s leading EV manufacturing company, they have made this move after conducting thorough research about the viability of the project.

Announcement and its impact:

Mr. Elon Musk further stated that this move will enable the workers to create more productive products and work in a better environment. Besides this, the chief said that he is planning to enhance the output by 50%.

Therefore, keeping in view the plan of expansion, Tesla has changed the headquarters. This is going to be a very significant move because the company will be having more space available to process the operations and other necessary work.

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Immediately after the announcement of relocation, the response of the public was amazing because no one was expecting this thing from the company. Similarly, the entire reason for relocation is the distance of the new factory from the old place.

The new place is 1,500-kilometers away from the existing factory. As mentioned earlier, the new location is in Texas and the weather will be more pleasant there.

Apart from that, Musk announced that he is going to sell the house in California since he intends part of business expansion and the company is moving towards the start of that closed factory from the Texas building.


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