New Apple Leak Reveals Discloses iPhone 13 (Shock)


We are well aware of the great deals about  Apple company related to the iPhone but sometimes the information that we get is a lot of wrong things mixed in it. It is reported that a search from an entire Apple company is planning for a new iPhone 13. and people also believe this news, some of the people get shocked to learn about this feature

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But the information is not fully true related to this news. This is a type of missing upgrade; another 2021 

improving optical zoom addition in the camera and the four different sizes. Large battery timing and water-resistant for more than 30 minutes, and also dust resistant.

All of these features are predicted in the new range of iPhone 13. It is well accomplished and formidable.

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No more 1TB phone

It is reported that the Apple phone will have a Double iPhone 13 Pro storage of 1TB. 

The Samsung Galaxy X10 is a smartphone with 1TB storage space but now the Apple company is also introducing the iPhone 13 with more than 1TB of storage. 

Huge storage capacity change for the pro model and the iPhone 13, these are just predictions and not the reality so it is claimed that if you buy iPhone 13 you have to say goodbye to 512 GB mid-range smartphone. Enormous storage space makes it unique.

No LiDAE In iPhone 13

According to some with all the models of the iPhone 13 app, the LiDAR feature is on their backThe iPhone 12 prose that scanning leader cancels ready to open up a lot of possibilities of 3D Scanning app on phone

Apple is going bullish on a technology that is brand new to iPhone 12 family especially the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and then the iPhone 13.

 The ‘S’ year of an iPhone

Apple does not want to call that device as iPhone 13 due to number 13 being thought to change the name of iPhone 30 as ‘S’ year. But somehow it is reported that iPhone 13 may be called iPhone 12s and this makes a sentence of reveals.

But this news is not bad at all because the trend force also agrees to make some positive features of the iPhone 13. Snapping  while they may also change the certain this related to its camera, adding ‘S’ with  iPhone 13 may also lead them to the high possibility of popularity

Predicted feature of iPhone 13

Somehow it is predicted iPhone 13  will have four sizes and that are similar to iPhone 12 lineup. It is also noticed that it has a smaller notch. That display will be 120 Hz Pro-motion.

iPhone 13 has more camera improvement in it. it may also contain an A15 chip.

It is the leak that the iPhone may have a 5G internet connection. It will be waterproof and dust president for more than 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 4m.

It may be  launched in winter 2021


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