New iOS 15 features for HomeKit and HomePod


Yesterday, Apple launched iOS 15 for iPhones with the vision to ease the users. Multiple updates helped the user to make their lives easier. Furthermore, HomeKit and Siri are among the top updates in iOS 15.

Updates of Siri in iOS 15:

After installing iOS 15 the user can control the home appliances and devices. For instance, after the instruction of turning off lights in 10 minutes, the lights will go off. In the past, Siri was performing real-time tasks whereas after the wait of many years Siri can accomplish the jobs at a later time.

In addition to this, Siri will work accordingly with perfection and the users are pronouncing it as the best update in Siri. Similarly, you can relate the tasks with the events as well. Amazon Alexa and Google assistant both are compatible with it and can execute delayed commands on time.

HomeKit and HomePod:

The performance of HomeKit has also been enhanced in iOS 15. Furthermore, the HomeKit is compatible with the doorbells of the home and cameras. It is pertinent to mention here that all the devices must be attached and encrypted and this attribute will help the user to control them.

Likewise, the security cameras and HomePod must be attached to the iOS 15. This specification needs an account of iCloud and without this, the task cannot be performed.

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In iOS 15, the HomePod mini can work as a speaker also. The 4K TV of Apple can be attached with the HomePod mini in iOS 15. According to the netizens, this task of iOS 15 is considered one of the best.

It can also work as a default speaker for the Apple TV. In the past, it was usable as stereotype speakers only whereas in the current update it works by default.       

Bass level and Media Controls of iOS 15:

The media controls have also been innovated in iOS 15. According to the company, the media playback will appear on the screen automatically when the HomePod mini activates. Therefore, it becomes easier for iPhone users to control the HomePod mini and HomePod from the screen. Moreover, this option also works while live streaming. 

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Additionally, the conversion of music from iPhone to HomePod will become easier for the users of iOS 15. The adjustment of the bass level was the problem in the previous software while in iOS 15, Apple has updated the service. You can listen to the music at lower bass that will not disturb the neighbors.

Apple TV Control and Sound Adjustment:

The control of Apple TV on iOS 15 has also been updated. You can ask Siri to on the TV and Siri will perform the task immediately. Furthermore, you can play the movie of your choice without any hesitance.

The control with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant are among the top specifications after the update of iOS 15. As discussed earlier, the volume adjustment ability of iOS 15 has also worked perfectly. Siri adjusts the speaker as per the environment of the room.


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