New Mission Of Certification Space Sustainability Is Called Space Debris Space Adventure


 According to early research, I have found that they will be able to satisfy a mission of space sustainability in  2022 English only satisfied sustainability of space rating. It is a voluntary action of ways to reduce the risk of space debris. Scientists launched so many satellites in space to check the stability of space for human adventure. 

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Let’s take a look at space exploration. It is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space. By the acceleration of space it can get out mainly by astronomers and with a telescope is physical acceleration through it conducted both by an unlimited robotic space probe and human spaceflight.

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Sustainability test:

Before launching any type of the scientist is going to confirm the sustainability in space to space debris. They will do a robust action involving the help of robots. This will help to enclose 20 stakeholders. EPFL  has decided to operate and control the SSR in the preparation of space sustainability.

By Frum, the past SSR entitativity was developed, they launched so many satellites in space to detect the environment of space for human life. Not only this SSR  astronomers company also launched weather detecting and communication satellites  

The main purpose of SSR is to provide the facility of space to mankind to live a life in another world. There are more than 4,00000 satellites are orbiting in space, and almost all the space mission of astrologers got succeeded


By taking more interest in the new SSR system the spacecraft operator creates new types of satellites that involve the security of earth forms the orbit, so they may get control on scale traveling in the future.

The sustainability in space may increase by using the new elements developed by astrologers or spacecraft. To increase sustainability scientists also try to create low-cost but highly developed space rockets. 

For the last 2 years, they have been trying to create a healthy environment around the earth and on other planets so that they could be possible on other planets and they could be sustainable for life and living.

 The goal of SSR is to increase transparency, without disclosing any mission of space. This space crafting company also provides accessibility to universities and colleges to seek information. Try allowing them to visit their association, so it might be helpful in the future.

 Space debris:

There are more than 129 million pieces of debris present in space  most of them are smaller than 1cm, they are larger too, all of them are orbiting around the earth .they do not reach the ground because they burnet in space reaching ground

There are some main methods to control space debris:

First, one is deorbiting, or forced reentry in space into the earth’s atmosphere by the application of some forces.

Another one is timeline reduction. or accelerating the natural decay of orbitals to slow down elements the speed. Sustainability may be possible in the future for the better life of human


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