Next-Generation Power Connector For GPU Can Deliver Up To 600W


Presently, power is an emerging issue and companies are working so hard to address the issue. In this article, we are going to discuss the new power connector. According to the manufacturer, this innovation will address the issue of power.

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The name of the connector is 12VHPWER and it will also solve the problem since it will deliver the power. Apart from that, the new power connector will have an 8-pin connector whereas the power will be 600 W. Besides this, the new connector will produce a lot of energy.

New Power Connector

In the coming year, the GPU will be made available and it will further address the problem. As we discussed earlier, many companies are working on this factor. Let us tell you that 12VHPWR is the mission of many companies. Plugs and cables will be available in this model.

Nonetheless, the leading company that has done the job is Igor lab. As per the sources received by the lab, they worked so hard and they managed to become the first mover in making 12VHPWR cable. The power supply will be doubled with the innovation of this cable.

As the name of the connector says, the connector will have 12 power pins. The pins are also called plugs. On the other hand, the connector is 3 mm wide whereas the Molex of the connector is 4.2 mm. The connector will have a few tiny pins. However, the number of pins has not been revealed yet. According to the estimates of experts, the pins will be 4.   

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Other specifications of the connector

It is pertinent to mention here that the connector will be carrying sideband signals and pins side-by-side. As far as the power channels of the connector are concerned, the connector will have 12 power channels whereas 9.2 A and 12 V will be the allied data active channels.

As per the manufacturer, all the channels of the connector will be live and this will contribute to enhancing the power. The redundancy of the connector will be 10% whereas the GPU of the powerhouse will be 662.4.

Referring to the material of the cable, the material of the cable has a premium. The fraction will be larger with this connector and it also needs a beefier cable.

The connector is amazing and the design of the connector has also been made up with the latest design and technology.


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