Online Safety Bill catastrophic for free speech


A new campaign claimed that the draught online safety bills are harm-free speech and hand policy that refer to the internet through Silicon Valley. The comparison named “legal to say legal to type” says that it becomes a law that tech companies gain more power. 

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 so developers create a new security system on social media that will provide more security to remove harmful or illegal content related to online safety bills.

Security is improved:

The security related to online safety bills is now increased exclusively. Developers put their effort to create an effective route for the people who did create their content against any decision. The developers create a new campaign including root Smith, Jim killock and Gavin Millar, And MP David Davis.

 this group sport the bill entry online platform to remove the child abuse and terroristic material on content on social media and they also work for irritated and violence and they make an effective free speech to raise the people for their rights.

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Work for legal  harm:

“Duty of care” was published in May 2021 on the draught online safety bill on the social media platform,  all of this was related to removing the harmful content from social media apps. 

All those contents that are legal but till just to be harmful remove from all the media app so and it is illegal to abuse anybody by using such type illegal words because this abuse can reach criminality related abuse so that’s why it is very very important to remove the rusted and illegal content from the social media app.

Under the confirmation of the online safety bill, people have the power to block the access site that does not protect the user from harm and they can also block the companies or sites that can reach harmful effects in the future, while the comparing do not protect the user from harmful content more than 10 percent in all over the world which is very greater.


Relatively this compares to the contract that is legal but can be harmful in the future. one of the campaign leaders Mr. David said that this bill is like a “ censor’s charter.” Well, this group will be able to push social media networks to take the right content and also remove the content that is not a particular product or illegal.

Reliever of this bill also protects political speech and journalism but in some reports, It is seen that the launch of the new campaign did not for enough.

The protection of journalists and journalism would be subjected to this bill. Rather than all the stuff the bill also managed on Facebook to remove the illegal and harmful content and said the report.

This bill is published on the Telegraph website, for easy accessibility to the users.

and other concerns of this campaign is that technology companies may use artificial intelligence and advanced technology to identify the harmful content on social media apps.And this bill is approved by the department of digital culture and sports media.


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