18 Tips to Preserve Phone Battery: Android and iPhone Battery Setting

18 secrets to preserve the life of your Phone battery. Noting can ruin your day faster than having a phone with a low battery and no charger to charge it. To prevent all the panic attacks we all have when we see the red icon (Battery low).

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In this blog, I’m going to tell you about 18 battery settings you need to change right now. These features can be used on Android and iOS devices. So here’s the answer to all your questions.

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How to preserve phone battery lifespan

Turn off Notification

Almost every mobile App sends you a push notification, this is useful so you don’t miss any important notifications. But taking the benefit of this feature each app sucks the battery life of your phone. So you need to turn it off.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS unless you need to use them.

Switch off Vibration

If you want to preserve the battery of your phone you must switch off vibration on your phone plus, to be honest, you don’t need vibration on your phone. You can simply lower your ringtone and notification volume.

How to preserve iPhone battery health

Set your phone auto-lock to the minimum

By putting auto-lock on its shortest time, you can preserve your phone battery at its maximum. The shortest time is 15 to 30 seconds but in new models, you can minimize it to 10 seconds

Set brightness to auto or dim it

Turn the phone’s screen brightness to its lowers or at least at the point where you can see it. A brightly lit screen is a true battery killer. You can also use the auto-brightness feature on your phone to preserve your phone battery.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan Samsung

Turn off background app upgrades

Some phone upgrades your Apps without bothering to ask your approval and these background app updates preserve your phone battery very fast since the upgrades could take a lot of time so just turn it off.

Switch off 4G/5G

By switching off 4G/5G on your phone you can easily prolong your phone’s battery. If your battery is low and you don’t have access to your charger this will help you.

Turn on Flight mode

If you turn on the flight mode on your phone, your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data will automatically turn off plus if you charge your phone with flight mode on. It will charge faster than the average charge time.

How to preserve phone battery in cold

Don’t let your phone search for a signal

If you are ever in an area where your phone has low signals or no signals at all, your phone will not stop searching for a better signal until it gets one. Unfortunately, this process also preserves the phone battery.

Android and iPhone Battery Setting, preserve iPhone battery, preserve iPhone battery health, preserve phone battery in cold, preserve phone battery lifespan

Ever forgotten to put your phone on flight mode on a plane, exactly the best way to prolong your battery life is to check you always have a good signal.

Don’t wait until your battery is dead to charge your phone

We all have this habit of using our phone at night until our phone’s battery is dead then we plug it into the charger and wait until the battery goes from zero to 100%. This process damages your battery that’s because Modern Lithium-Based are specially made to be charged in a short quick session.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan

Don’t use additional functions

if your phone’s battery is at its minimum don’t use additional functions like a music player, Bluetooth, mobile data, and GPS all at once. The camera and flashlight will make your phone battery die in a blink of an eye.

Keep calls short

Keeping the calls short will also help prolong your battery life.

How to preserve iPhone battery

Avoid animated or moving background

Android and iPhone Battery Setting, preserve iPhone battery, preserve iPhone battery health, preserve phone battery in cold, preserve phone battery lifespan

We all like a moving background on our iPhone but this moving and bright background drains your battery life much faster than average. So keep the background simple and make your background wallpaper black because when a picture is black your phone doesn’t need any pixels so your phone doesn’t need the energy to light it.

Adjusting network settings may help

When we turn on the mobile data, we are asked to choose 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G we all of course go for the 5G to get better internet speed. When we choose 5G both 3G and 4G radios are switched on and our phone loses battery two times faster.

So always try to use wifi or use 2G.

Some more tips to extend phone battery life


  • Avoid high and low temperatures.
  • Use official batteries from your phone’s manufacturer.
  • Prepare a new battery for use. If you buy a brand new phone, fully charge its battery before using it

Note: Nickel-Based batteries need to be charged up to 16 hours for the first time and then run through 3 or 4 “full charge to empty” circles. Lithium-Ion batteries need 5 to 6 hours for the first charge. Even if your phone tells you that the battery is full, just ignore it.

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  • Don’t skip your software updates. Always keep your software up-to-date because each new version is by default better than the last one. This means they won’t be so hard on the battery.
  • Put down your phone at concerts. This one is my one, if you want to prolong your battery life stop making videos on your phone. Just enjoy the moment plus this is driving the people behind you crazy unless they are all doing the same thing.

What method do you use to preserve your phone battery?

When was the worst moment your phone’s battery died?

Tell us in the comment section. 


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