Samsung gets “Material You” Themes Styles With UI 4.0 Beta 2


Every new day brings innovation for us and it is imperative to stay connected with the internet and technology. As far as technological improvements in electronic gadgets are concerned, the speed of development is very fast.

Apart from that, the competition is also very high on electronic gadgets. Samsung and Apple are considered the two big tech giants in the world. They have been making the world’s best smartphones with new technologies.

On the other hand, every new smartphone of the company marks a new milestone and creates a new target for the competitors. For instance, the recent iPhone has changed the course of smartphones since Apple introduced bunches of new specifications.

Material You

Nonetheless, in this article, we will discuss the technology of Samsung. The company has launched a new design language with the name “Material You”. Google is about to become the official partner of Samsung as Google has been helping with many issues for Samsung. Similarly, the new technology has also been designed by Google for android 12.

Google is the name that is behind android and the company is working to change the way of thinking about the smartphone. Besides this, new designs are also coming into the market with personalized and customized views.

Let us discuss the UI 4.0 beta 2 technology of Samsung, the tech giant has released it today being part of the android 12. According to Samsung, the new iteration in the android 12 will use the material you themes. This will be made available to the entire system very soon.

Nevertheless, it is wonderful to examine the biggest specifications of android that are going to become part of Samsung smartphones. As per the experts, this is going to be a big challenge that Apple has to face shortly.

In contrast with that, the netizens users of Apple believe that Apple will take it as a challenge and never let the users down. As we have seen in the past, Apple made significant changes in its interface and every new model of Apple became the market leader.

New World of Customization

Talking about the Material You, according to the tech experts, this new technology is going to rule the tech industry and it will introduce new ways of customization to the world. In addition to this, the users will be able to design the themes of their choice.

We can call the users co-creators in this model because personalized and customized designing is among the two variables of Material You. Similarly, the wallpapers and color skins can be made with the help of this Material You technology.

However, the critics of the technology claimed that there will be a lot of bugs in that system and this can halt the entire android system within minutes. In response to this pessimistic approach, the Samsung and technology creators responded that they will remove the bug immediately after arrival.


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