The 3 Safety Features Launched By Instagram In 2021


As the world is developing day by day, social media apps have also enhanced their features from time to time. These apps have developed many features regarding their security. If we talk about Instagram, it launched 3 safety features for its use just to reduce the security problems. The security features launched by Instagram in 2021 are:

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  • Comment restriction
  •  Anonymous live video recording 
  • #Kind Comments

The most important advantage of launching these features is to create a peaceful environment on Instagram where every person will have positive thoughts about other people. These features have decreases negativity and spread positivity. Moreover, these features allow people to give good remarks to other users. These efforts by Instagram are only for making Instagram an app of peace and entertainment not of spreading any type of negativity.

Features Launched by Instagram:

Instagram launched 3 safety features that allow all the users an interface to make their account and profile safer from bad access. Let’s have a look at the new safety features launched in 2021 by Instagram:

Control who can comment on our stakes:

The first step was taken by Instagram in June to make Instagram a better app. A filter was launched by Instagram just to get rid of the annoying recorder comments but this feature only

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applied to English comments but after some time this feature became more advance and it allows its users to block offensive comments in more languages that are Arabic, German, French, and Portuguese. You can also ON or OFF this feature from your settings. In setting, press on the option ‘Observation’.After scrolling down an option ‘Hide Offensive Comments’ appear. From here we have control to apply this feature or not. By using this feature, we are allowed to allow our desired people to comment on our post. We can also block users who  comment very offensively on our posts

Mental or physical support

On Instagram, there is a new feature that while watching a video if a person feels that another person needs financial or mental support then Instagram provides a notification in which the other person gets to know that the audience wants to support him/her. 

Instagram generates the help message politely and professionally that someone wants to support you and finds you the one whom he would love to help. After that Instagram generates some options in a way that both people contact one another through different helplines or devices.

Motivational content

Instagram is making different series to strengthen the walls of different towns across the world. The decorations are made to motivate the user to use encouraging words for the ones who are in hard times. If a person finds a heart-touching comment then he can put it on stories by using different stickers. Kind comment stickers are specially made for such development. There are also paintings with kind comments to enhance the love and kindness in society.



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