The Android Security Update Can Be Malware Be Alert


This is an alarming situation that now we cannot believe the android security update also. Android updates are considered as the best security items in the system but the recent development is very difficult to believe.

An unknown malware can install on your device via android. The recent campaign has issued drastic updates. According to this, FluBot can use the fake security of android and enter the device. If this happens, this will be a malware attack.

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Android Security Update:

Referring to the new post, the response to the New Zealand cert team cautioned the users that the message on the installation pages is malware and lure. This is intelligently designed to attack the phone. After clicking on the link, the malware activated and it hacked the system.

In addition to this, several threats arise after the entrance of malware into the system. The virus can steal the pictures from the phone gallery and upload them without taking agreement. On the other hand, this malware can steal the passwords from the phone.

At the same time, FluBot can also get the passwords of bank accounts and key pins. These emerging issues are very alarming and android needs to resolve them as soon as possible. Nonetheless, the new security update in android can save your phone from this threat.

In this article, we will further discuss the processes to keep the smartphone safe from malware and other similar threats. We instruct the users of smartphones to not click on the links of online pages because it directly links the smartphone with the virus.

Other viruses and attacks:

In addition to this, according to the team of NZ, this virus is available on many online apps. After going on these links the malware will enter the system. The user will be thinking that the phone is safe but this is malware that has just entered your system.

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As mentioned earlier, the situation is very alarming and it needs a lot of focus to figure out the issue. In the past, the way of spread was different as FluBot used contacts and messages to enter the system.

The anti-viruses and corporations warned the users to not leak the contact number because it can be used as a source of the attack. The issue is emerging very fast and all smartphone users can get infected from it.

There is a need to formulate a proper security process because if we do not stop it here it can kill all the security protocols.

It is pertinent to mention here that the FluBot is installed on the smartphone. It will ask for many permissions and the owner will give it unknowingly. Eventually, the malware gets access to the entire system.

The FluBot can access financial data or bank accounts. Apart from that, we have cryptocurrency details also stated in our phones and this malware can also reach this point. Therefore, it is recommended to keep track of the activities of the phone and downloaded files.


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