The Steve Jobs Meeting With Michael Dell Could Have Altered Apple


Almost everyone who is linked with technology knows the name of Steve Jobs. He is the man behind the success of Apple since he created the company. Mr. Steve passed away a decade ago and yesterday was its 10th death anniversary.

He was a kind gentleman that has given a lot of new things to the world. the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and other products of Apple are the inventions of Mr. Jobs. The reason why Apple is the most prestigious company on the planet is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs and Bankruptcy

Billions of people have made Apple part of their lives. In 1997, Apple faced the worst crisis ever in history when the company went on the verge of collapse. The company seeks help from the rivals and they helped it in making the strong come back.

As per Jobs, his company was a month away from bankruptcy when Bill Gates came to bail out him from the worst conditions. Mr. Gates provided him 150 million dollars in cash investment and as a result, Apple survived.

At that time, this capital injection was the investment from Microsoft in the company to give it support. It is pertinent to mention here there was a deal going on between Microsoft and Dell. Dell is the super laptop manufacturing company in the world.

According to Mr. Michael Dell, Steve Jobs wanted to make a partnership with him by allowing him to release his Mac OS. As per Mr. Dell, Steve wished to get the license of Mac OS on his behalf.

Recently, he disclosed all this in a book. He further stated that Jobs and I are great friends and Dell wanted at that time to continue working with Apple.

In addition to this, Mr. Dell pronounced jobs as one of the best markets with a savvy attitude. He is the one who helped the electronic devices and launched many smartphones.    

Meeting With Steve Jobs

Dell is a person who loves tech right from a young age. He was fascinated by electronic devices and machines. Additionally, Dell used to play with his father on the machine. This activity increased his interest in the machines.

At the age of just 8 years, Mr. Dell started using mathematics officially and calculating the figures. He started schooling at the junior high school where he learned about the advanced level of mathematics. Similarly, it also mounted his interest in physics and mathematics.

According to Mr. Dell, mathematics is not a difficult course for him and he loves to solve long questions without any help. Therefore, he further became a big name in history by inventing the world’s one of the leading laptop companies.

Mr. Steve Jobs and Dell, both were best friends and they both created the world’s biggest tech giants that are helping the entire globe with many issues including technological advancement. This is unstoppable now. 


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