Top 15 You Can Do To Make My PC Work Faster


PC is an abbreviation of “Personal computer”. It is a computer used by one person at a time at home or for business, It is not usually a portable computer. Today we are going to learn how we can make our PC faster. 

There are some techniques to use to make your PC faster. The PC is used daily for business deals and work. 

 Your PC is overloaded and it has a shortage of storage. It starts hanging and is making trouble in your work. Do clean your PC daily to avoid restrictions.

Disable your startup program: 

The program always turns on the startup program. Whenever you install new software on your computer or PC that software is put into a Startup program file so they may consume a huge amount of storage space that makes your PC work slow. Developers automatically set this program to slow down the loading of computers to consume large amounts of data for the company.

  In the start-up program, Windows Run automatically to close the window in a start-up you have to follow the 

  • Click on the start button and follow the steps. 
  • Go to the setting area.
  • Select the option “Task Manager”.
  • Go to your window setting and remove the apps that are automatically turned on.
  • The task is done.

Startup programs can consume a large amount of space from your PC. So just disable that program.

Deleted unnecessary temporary files:

Unnecessary files on your PC can also cause low progress. Developers set your pc as your p that cannot delete unnecessary files without your command, so you must have to delete these unnecessary files to make your PC faster.

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So clean up these files and create some space to give some relaxation to your PC.

  • Click on the start menu button.
  • Select run.
  • A new folder will appear on your screen. select all.
  • And then press shift+ delete to them all.
  • Now repeat the procedure. a new folder of temporary files will appear.
  • Select them all and delete them.
  • Repeat this process more than 3 times.
  •  Now a notification of waning will appear on the screen.
  • Click on continue.
  • Now all these unnecessary files are deleted.
  • Your space is free.
  • You can see a noticeable difference.

Close your unwanted tabs:

Unwanted tabs can also create a mess with your PC. You have to remove these tabs at the proper time. These opened tabs must be closed after research because they also consume a large amount of data.

Update your window:

First of all, you must have to scan a virus from your PC to make it threats-free. and then update your window, update will make your PC secure from viruses and slowing down. updating the PC will make security more improved, and all the unwanted data will be removed easily by updating.

Restart your PC:

After scanning and updating your PC  from threats, to enhance security, restart your PC, doing these steps,(scanning virus, updating, and restarting) you will see a noticeable difference in the performance of your PC.

Some other steps to do:

  • Do clean your pc physically, make it free from dust.
  • Upgrade your RAM.
  • Delete bigger files.

So these are some steps to make your PC work faster, complete all the processes, and if still does not work replace your pc or buy a new one.


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