Top 5 Best Free Fitness Sharing Apps For iPhone And Android Mobiles


It is the goal of every person that he/she wants to remain fit and energetic. The road to remain fit and energetic is not so simple, there are some rules to follow for the proper results.

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Nothing in this World is free, we have to pay if we want to gain something from this World.  The payment of Fitness is just the consistency and hard work under the right guidance.

Smartphones are not just the phones right now they have made doctors, helpers, guides, and many more due to advancements in technology.

A smartphone will change into any professional person who guides and helps you but the thing you need to do is to just install the corresponding app on the phone. Here are some apps discussed below which guides the users to lose weight for free:

Lose it

If a person wants to lose weight online and along with it wants to get his own self-motivated and energetic for the future then this app is for such people. In this app, people comment and connect for fitness stories and to motivate one another.

It is an app that calculates the daily intake of calories as well as the daily exercise needed in correspondence with the calorie intake. This app is available for all Android devices.


It is quite similar in popularity and working with the Lost app. It also calculates the calories as well as the daily routine activity for the good calculation of exercise and diet to become healthy and fit.

A person can set his goals or can choose the food of his own choice, can interact with other persons and guide others or become motivated from others. It has a large audience because it is available on all smartphones.


It works as a complete gym trainer as it guides about the food as well as the exercise According to wish. It has a tracker for the exercise and also provides the poses in which a person can exercise for specific needs like strength, ab training, etc.

The ones who are using this app can challenge one another about a certain limit and can listen or share motivational stories. Both iOS and Android users can access this app easily.


If a person is very conscious about the food intake but doesn’t know how to control it and become fit then this app is for you. This app calculates the calories present in the grocery products just by clicking one picture from the camera.

This app is very beneficial as it can calculate the correct amount of calories as the same bread might find high in calories in comparison with the bread of another type. A person can also select the food items from the app and can see whether they are good for their diet or need to do an alternative. Both iOS and Android phones can gain this app’s facility.

Fit bit

This app works best along with the gadgets of this company. It also guides the daily intake of calories and sets the target automatically. It also adjusts its work according to the daily activity and intake which fluctuates from day to day.

This app informs about mealtime, snacks, and all other essentials even if the person is not using the app. A person can use the activity and food group of choice for fitness and dieting. This app is available for all smart devices.

These are the apps for proper fitness and body shaping. If you want to learn more then follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter official accounts for the latest updates.


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