Top 6 Best Features Of Android 12


Mobile companies are advancing their features to grab people’s attention. These features are becoming advanced from day to day and this becomes a cause of confusion for people in deciding which cell phone they buy or which they don’t.

Similarly, the android phone is also becoming more advanced. Other than normal features some other features are designed by android to give ease to users. The main purpose of introducing these features is just to give a personal experience to android users.

Let us have a look at some features of android 12:

Material You:

The most amazing feature introduced by android 12 is ‘Material You’.This feature renovates the colors, themes, animation, and shapes, and all the features connected with the experience.

This feature not only grabs users’ attention but this feature has increased the demand for android phones. It also changed the design of the themes making it a dynamic system and increasing the usability of android phones.

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Colour Extraction:

 In the past, there was no such feature that changing wallpaper would cause any change in the work walls of the iOS. The other feature introduced by android 12 is color extraction. This feature helps the user when he changes his wallpaper or lock screen then this feature naturally captures the dominant colors.

features,android,best features of android 12,best features of android

But in the previous version changing wallpaper or screen lock does not change much of the interfaces. This feature proves to be very helpful for many users. It changes the color of all the options shown to the user just by changing the wallpaper of the device.

Quick Tiles:

In the previous version, there is only one shape of icons that are rounded. Users become bored of seeing those rounded icons again and again. To bring some change, android 12 created a feature that is ‘Quick Tiles’ that allows users to have tiles of rectangular shape with rounded edges.

Their work is the same as icons. We can disable the feature by a quick tap on it. These tiles are made large so that they can show more information.

features,android,best features of android 12,best features of android

Enhancement in Privacy:

Another feature updated by android 12 is privacy and permission upgrades. It is very helpful for users. It allows users to have full control over their apps. A user can decide to allow or deny permission to apps to have access to their camera or contacts or to track their location. This feature protects the privacy of users.

Android Private Computer Core:

Android 12 introduced a feature for private interaction and that is ‘Android Private Computer Core’.This feature allows the user to keep his privacy and his all data remain. This feature plays a great role in providing security to users.

features,android,best features of android 12,best features of android


Android 12 is also upgrading its notification setting. This feature has made interaction with notifications fast and reliable. Now Google is getting rid of trampolines that are a type of notification that takes a lot of time for their work. But now notifications just take a second to reach the app.

features,android,best features of android 12,best features of android

These are the prominent features of android 12 but if you want to learn more then follow our website for the latest updates.


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