Troubles Are Detected In The Hubble Telescope By NASA


NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space was started in October 1958 as a part of the United State government where more than 18000 professionals come from many diverse backgrounds but are United by a common purpose there is a team of scientists and astronauts who do research in the universe.

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The purpose of Nasa is to do research on the whole universe from the depth of the sea to space. The NASA team embodies a few shared characteristics that are integral to Our success.

 There are so many discoveries done by NASA to save the world.

NASA provides all the experience to solve all the issues of Earth. All the problems in space and under the depth of the sea are detected by NASA, so just scientists from the Nasa Company work together to resolve all the issues.

During this day NASA detected some proverbs with the Hubble telescope in a space called the Hubble Telescope. 

Hubble Telescope:

The Hubble Telescope is a Space Telescope that was launched into the low Earth orbit it was in 1990 it is now still working. It was not the first Space Telescope but one of the largest and most versatile telescopes, it was the first space-based optical telescope.

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Scientists have used the Hubble Telescope to observe the most distant star and galaxies as well as the planets in our solar system. The Hubble telescope is available 547 km above Earth. Hubble Telescope designed to hold six science instruments. NASA company has detected that there is some trouble with the Hubble telescope. 

The Hubble Telescope is doing its duty very properly but now the scientist has detected that the Hubble Telescope is stopped. I Tried to restart but there was some trouble but it didn’t start yet.

 The scientist is trying to create a new tennis ball first in the place of a table tennis court. What type of telescope is Hubble?

New Telescope is created:

In place of the Hubble Telescope telescope named as JWST is created. The new telescope is more improved the abbreviation of JWST is the “James Webb space”

This telescope is better than an able telescope because of its new features and new model. It has a longer wavelength than the Hubble Telescope when its sensitivity is more improved.

 with its ability to view the universe in longer-wavelength infrared light which will be capable of being some of the most distant galaxies in our universe which is from our Earth.

The James Webb telescope is more powerful and more sensitive. It is the successor to Hubble and it is 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Telescope.

the Mirrors of James Webb telescope is much bigger than the Hubble Telescope.

The special thing about the James Webb telescope is that it can optimize for infrared wavelength. 

It can detect all the stars and galaxies that are farther from Earth and all those products that are not seen through the Hubble Telescope Some of the humans of the James Webb telescope it has a mirror that is larger than double and back plane with the spacecraft and events spacecraft elements are bus and sunshield.


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