Turkey Users Use Bip App Instead Of WhatsApp


Current hot news is about WhatsApp updates. Turkey get notice about this news. Because WhatsApp informs users to update their WhatsApp app, in which they introduce a new feature in which their priority is that they share all contact details with Facebook. Which is against personal privacy for any user.

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So Turkey decided to leave WhatsApp and switch to other app just like WhatsApp. Majority of Turkish people switch to Bip App. Developed by Turkish developer. 

WhatsApp VS BiP

Today there are two basic apps introduced instead of WhatsApp. That is Telegram and Signal. Telegram is both for android and Apple users. But in the second end, Elon Musk suggested that Signal app to use this app incase WhatsApp blocked services on your phone.

At that time many people switched to Telegram and signal. But in Turkey, a huge amount of users downloaded the BiP App. This app got huge fame and downloads. Which increases their worth and users. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla.

BiP achieved over 1.12 Million users within 24 hours. 53 Million users across the world shared data by Turkcell.

Turkey Authorities Reviews

Turkey’s high authority and defence department issue notice that no one uses WhatsApp more. Because they share our personal data which was illegal law. Before that all used WhatsApp but after this update no one suggested using this app. 

Turkish clients took to online media to upbraid WhatsApp’s new information strategy and were moving a campaign again WhatsApp to remove this app

Turkish robot creator Baykar Chief Executive Haluk Bayraktar who has an immense fan base on Twitter said he was leaving WhatsApp “on the grounds that the organization was forcing on clients its disputable protection concurrence on close to home information.” 

Bayraktar recommended clients install BiP applications instead of using WhatsApp

“Created by Turkish architects, it has an easy to understand interface. BİP will consistently be introduced on my telephone,” he said.

“ Kullanıcı dostu bir uygulama olmayan #WhatsApp‘ı kişisel verilere yönelik gizlilik anlaşmasını ya kabul et ya da uygulamayı kullanamazsın dayatmasından dolayı terk ediyorum.”


A week ago, WhatsApp sent its refreshed protection strategy to its clients. 

New introductions of WhatsApp fell 11 percent in the initial seven days of 2021 contrasted with the earlier week, however that actually added up to an expected 10.5 million downloads all around the world, as indicated by information examination firm Sensor Tower.

The progressions incorporate sharing individual information, for example, account data, messages, and area data with Facebook organizations. 

It said the application couldn’t be utilized except if the terms are not acknowledged. 

WhatsApp Supported Operating Systems

We provide support for and recommend using the following devices:

  • Android running OS 4.0.3 and newer
  • iPhone running iOS 9 and newer
  • Select phones running KaiOS 2.5.1 newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2

When you have one of these gadgets, introduce WhatsApp and register your telephone number. WhatsApp must be actuated with each telephone number on one gadget in turn.

So don’t worry about your personal data sharing. Just a simple option in front you. You like to install BiP, a turkey based app or Telegram suggested by Elon Musk.

Enjoy your communication with your family and friends. Turkey government strictly announced to uninstall WhatsApp and download their own app to protect your personal information. 


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