What Are The 4 Simple Ways To Secure Your Android Smartphone


It’s a fact that mobile phones have become a need of every person. Some people utilize phones for study purposes, some for their work and some are using it as a source of entertainment. It is a fact that when a person uses a device then he becomes addicted to it moreover he wants to protect the particular device from others or damage. He is willing to do anything just to protect his device.

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As we know mobile phones are becoming a part of life and it becomes a need to protect our phones from viruses, unauthorized access, or hackers. When a person uses any internet service then there is a great chance that our phone may be infected by a virus that was present in that service.

Many people think it impossible to secure a phone from external or internal damage but it is not true. There are a lot of ways that a person can follow to secure a phone. In this article, we are going to discuss 4 simple steps to secure an Android smartphone. For people who are in search of securing their android smartphone then the given article is the best opportunity for them.

Secure phone with Antivirus program

Some so many people use mobile phones just for online work and we know that when a phone uses the internet a lot then there is a great chance of having a virus in the phone. In this situation, many people are concerned about How do I secure my Android phone? 

Whenever we use the internet for online phone banking features, pay bills, making transactions, or do online shopping then our phone will be at a security risk. Hackers are in a way to damage our phones to get our data. They are developing such software that seems normal to us but when we use them then they spread viruses in our device and our phone will be infected by the virus.

Some hackers hack our phones to steal the sensitive data stored in our devices and then use it for illegal works. So we must be careful and always install antivirus programs on our devices to get rid of different types of harmful viruses.

Avoid using public hotspots

There are a lot of people who ask the question, “ how can I make my device secure? The answer to this question is pretty simple and reliable. We can easily secure an Android smartphone by avoiding using public hotspots. 

Many people prefer to use public hotspots when they don’t have mobile data or they have to access the data like their emails, WhatsApp data, or anything that requires the internet.  So they become forced to use public hotspots but they don’t know the side effects of using public hotspots. 

Nowadays public hotspots are the source of hacking others’ phones and damaging the data stored in a phone or stealing the sensitive data of someone. It is advisable to avoid public hotspots even if we need them so badly otherwise we will do our lose.

By applying two factors authentication

People using mobile phones are very worried about securing their mobile phones and they keep asking the question: How can I make my android phone more secure or private? The answer is that we can easily make our phones secure by making use of two-factor authentication.

We know that two-factor authentication is provided by Google that allows google services to be locked. We can easily enable this feature from the settings of google account. After applying two-factor authentication we will receive an SMS of verification.


Many people want the answer to the question: What is one of the easiest ways to protect your mobile device? The answer is that we can install a VPN and can secure the mobile phone. When we install a VPN on a phone then we are allowed to hide our actual IP address with the fake one. In this way, hackers will not be able to save our browsing history or share our sensitive data with others.


The above article is all about securing an Android smartphone. We can follow the tips above to secure a mobile phone as hackers are making efforts to hack a mobile phone. We must be careful and do our best to secure a mobile phone. We can secure mobile phones by installing a VPN or making less use of public hotspots.


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