What Are The Changes Made By Facebook After The Trump Ban


Trump, who was a previous president of the United States of America, had put him on different controversial issues. He talked about so many topics with harsh words that it became difficult for the audience to digest them. For this reason, Facebook along with some other social media sites banned the account of Trump as a punishment.

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Facebook takes away the digital megaphone of trump in response to the riot in the capital of the USA. The company explains the action in a way that Trump will get it again soon. When the news arises that the accounts of Trump will remain banned until 2023, as it is a tough decision but was made to ensure the independence of the media and its monitorization in the country.

This punishment was also creating a problem for the company as it was never in the policy of Facebook to suspend an account for so long. But the company could not help in this regard as Trump’s ideas are creating much fuss on social media. Not only Facebook but Twitter, Snapchat, and youtube have also kicked out Trump to protect its users from the violence of Trump.

Social media never uplifts a politician’s speech; instead, it only puts light on the uplifting issues but Trump’s ideas are creating much violence and crossing the limit of hate speech. Facebook has taken some decisions which are worth reading

Facebook’s Decision:

Facebook decided to ban Trump for a minimum of two years yet the return is not confirmed as to when the two years will complete. Facebook again consults the higher authorities to ensure the protection of users against hate speech. Then it will be decided whether Trump is allowed to work on Facebook and other social media sites or not.

Trump, who has millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram, is still in the air for the decision. When the restrictions are lifted then there would be a keen eye on Trump’s activities which will ensure that Trump will not violate any policy of Facebook in the future. If Trump again starts hate speech and violence then strict actions will be taken against him.

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Trump’s Reaction:

Trump has refused to accept the claims of Facebook that he never tries to create violence in the country but has asked his supporters to move back home again. Trump also declares the decision of Facebook as an insult to him. He added more that this is an abuse for the people who have voted for him.

Other Actions of Facebook:

Facebook has added in its policies that no public figure is allowed to create violence and unrest in society and if someone tries to do so then the account will be restricted from month to year.

Facebook Handling:

Facebook has beautifully handled harassment and criticism issues in the past. It always works to create peace in society. Facebook’s owners are always against the hate speech of politicians and try to protect the public. Facebook also removes and restricts the content that it finds to violate and create unrest in the local community.


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