What Do You Know About Wearable Technology For The Tracking Of Blood Sugar?


Due to advancements in the field of technology we have developed a lot in almost every field of life. The most important development is known as the development in the field of medicine. We have discovered so many diseases with their treatments along with surgery techniques for the benefit of human beings. 

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We have also made certain specific gadgets to determine and treat body elements and their quality. Diabetes is considered the mother of all diseases so science has focused a lot on this issue. We have created certain technologies to treat diabetes type 1 and type 2 forms. Different machines and technology are still under work for the treatment and diagnosis of diabetes and some are available in the market.

What technology measures blood sugar levels?

Different machines are available in the market to measure the blood sugar level present in the bloodstream. We have discussed the main fantastic technologies that are present in the market and help to manage the blood sugar level.

Dexcom G6:

Dexcom G6 is an amazing device for monitoring the blood sugar level and is available in the market for consumer use. It has a special applicator which is a slim sensor that helps to show the exact glucose level present in the blood for 10 days. Because of a tiny transmitter device that is present in the Dexcom G6 device a person can have a live feed of sugar levels in blood on their mobile phone.

An amazing feature of this device is that it gives an alarm to the person at a different level. It sends messages to the close ones if the blood glucose level is very high or very low and finds any other alarming situation. This feature can save the lives of thousands of patients with diabetes type 1.

Freestyle Libre 2:

It is a device that is almost similar in appearance to the previously discussed device. This device contains a tiny sensor on the body of the patient and each sensor lasts for two weeks. This device cannot live stream the blood sugar level on the mobile device because it works to make important usage of NFC because of which it is important to hold the phone or the reader close to the device.

The most important feature about freestyle libre is that it is much cheaper than Dexcom G6. Instead of low price both the devices have almost the same features and same benefits for a diabetic patient to manage the blood glucose level

Is there a wearable blood sugar monitor?

Yes, there is a blood sugar monitor which is known as CMG available in the market. It is a small device that measures and tracks glucose day and night. It notifies you if the glucose level is high or low in the form of a clear picture.

It is a continuous glucose monitor which works automatically for checking the blood glucose level every 5 minutes. It explains the level of glucose in the form of numbers on the screen.

Can a Smartwatch measure blood sugar?

Yes, smartwatches can measure blood sugar levels in the body. Smartwatches can measure and show the exact measurements on the screen of blood alcohol, blood hydration levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar level.


You must say that humans have made such a marvelous invention for making life easy and comfortable. There are different amazing technologies present in every field of life specifically in the medical field to enhance the health and care of persons.

Every development in the field of medicine and surgery is like a money game. A person gains more and more benefits when there is more and more development in the medical and surgery field.


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