What Is AMOLED Display And What Are Its Advantages Over Other Displays


Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes abbreviated as AMOLED. Many devices that have screens such as Laptops, Computers, TVs, gaming devices, etc. Can use an AMOLED display system for good quality display. The AMOLED display system can also be used in digital systems of vehicles.

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AMOLED displays provide good quality picture contrast colors because they have an “Active Matrix” of Led light to display and differentiate colors. They are best to use for information devices that are present in sunlight as they show a high brightness level which makes it easy to see in sunlight. 

AMOLED is actually a type of Oled display system, the difference is present in the use of technology as AMOLED display systems contain pixel by pixel illumination and thin filmed technology for their display system.

The first company uses AMOLED display

Samsung is the company that first used the AMOLED display system in its devices in 2012. Those devices were considered as best display devices because of AMOLED. The devices in which Samsung has used an AMOLED display were Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Note.

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First Mobile phone that uses an AMOLED display.

Another company has used an AMOLED display system in its Mobile phone before Samsung used it in its devices, that company is Nokia. Nokia launched Nokia N85 in 2008, in which Nokia has used the AMOLED display for the very first time.

Nokia N85 features are not advertised as Samsung has advertised so most people don’t know about this. But it contains a 240×360 pixel display of AMOLED and a 5MP camera that focuses automatically.

Types of displays

There are basically three types of displays

  1. LCD/LED 

They are a conventional type of display. They use only LEDs and these LEDs become dim when LCD or LED displays to have to control different colors they are displaying Especially when they have to show black color on their screen.

  1. OLED

Along with LEDs, the OLED display system uses semiconductor materials and an LCD panel, all of these things not only provide different colors on display screens but also provide different brightness levels to the customer. When the display system has to show black color on the screen is dimmed or turn off the pixels completely. As a result, we get a very sharp high-quality image with a good contrasting effect.

  1. AMOLED display

AMOLED name is formed by adding am before OLED. It can be used on bigger display screens like Tv, laptop, or computer because in addition to OLED it contains a thin-film transistor layer. That transistor layer enables the OLED display to control the Color and sharpness of the screen efficiently. Active matrix is formed as a thin film transistor that provides a transistor to every pixel. The Active matrix has hood control on the light.

Advantages of AMOLED 

The AMOLED display system has the following  advantages over other display technologies

  • They show good quality and sharp colour picture on the screen
  • They show black colour and dark images better as compared to other display systems.
  • They provide good viewing angles to viewers
  • They do not use much power
  • They are slim and lightweight as compared to other display systems.
  • They require very little time to respond or we can say that they respond very quickly
  • As they consume very little power so they emit less amount of heat in the environment
  • They have high brightness which enables them to use in sunlight

AMOLED displays are good to use to get a high-quality image on big screens. To know more about AMOLED and other displays visit our official website.


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