What Is An HTML Webpage And What Are Its Elements?


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to frame a webpage and its contents as it acts as a code. You can set the contents of the webpage in the form of paragraphs, bullets, points, tables, or pictures. HTML contains a series of components and these components are used to enclose the contents of a webpage in the form of parts so the content can appear in a specific manner. 

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The tags which are wrapping the contents can produce words or picture hyperlinks at some other place, these tags can bring changes in the words as they can italicize, bold, increase in size, or decrease the size of words.

For example, you can understand HTML by the following example. 

Let’s take a sentence 

I love my dog very much 

If we wrap the above sentence in a paragraph tag then it will look like 

<p>I love my dog very much<

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HTML Webpage 

HTML language is used to write a document. This document is accessible through the internet browser. This document is called a webpage. A web page may contain information, pictures, links to other web pages. To access a webpage you can enter a URL address of that webpage to the search bar of any internet browser. If you do not know about the URL of the required webpage then you can find it through the search engine and the search engine will provide you the URL link and you have to just click on it.

On the internet, millions of web pages are present, and everyday web pages are added. An internet user can open a webpage to read about some informative article, webpages are also produced for selling or buying of products on the internet.

A website is a collection of different web pages and a web page is a single screen. For example, you are reading this article on a web page that contains HTML as a technology. HTML code is used to create the contents of a webpage and this HTML code is written by a human and created by an Html editor or by a script.

A web page may be a static webpage or a dynamic webpage

  • Dynamic web pages are those web pages that are created by scripts. These webpages ends mostly at “.php, .cgi,.pl” etc
  • Static web pages are those web pages that are created by humans. These web pages mostly end at “.html or .htm”.

Elements of a HTML webpage

Elements of a webpage may vary but there are some general elements given below:

Logo: at the top left side of a webpage logo of a company, website, or name of a blogger is present. The logo mostly consists of a slogan and a statement that describes the vision of the website or the company.

Search bar: A search option must be available on the webpage, by using this any visitor can search whatever he is finding on the webpage.

Menu: a menu in the form of a navigation bar is mostly present at the top of the web pages below the logo. It contains options for different sections of the webpage.

Web Page heading: a web page mostly contains a heading at the top of the screen. The heading is mostly written in “<h1> HTML tag”.

1st paragraph: the starting paragraph of a webpage is mostly an introductory paragraph. It should be attractive enough to attract the visitor, to make it attractive, mostly interesting images are added to them.

Headings: for the ease of visitors the content of a web page is divided into many parts and each part contains headings. These headings enable the visitor to fetch the information which he or she is looking for. Headings are written by using <h2> to <h6> HTML tags.

Advertisement: website owners mostly add advertisement banners on their web pages as by these banners they are getting money which could help them to run the website. Advertisement banners can be present anywhere on the webpage.

Feedback option: To know whether the webpage is useful for the people or not, mostly feedback options are added to the web pages These feedback options may be present in the form of links or like/dislike buttons.

Social sharing options: on almost every website icons of social sites are present which allows the users to share the web pages with their friends and family on different social websites.

Along with the above-mentioned elements additional information tools, copyright or Privacy notice can also be added to the webpage.


An HTML webpage is created by using HTML code and these webpages are mostly used to read interesting information, it can be used to watch movies, listen to music, or for selling/ buying products.


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