What Is DSL Internet Complete Step By Step


As we know, mobile phones have become a basic need of almost every person. Not just for entertainment but phones are very helpful for other purposes also. Students use mobile phones for their studies, businessmen can use them for arranging meetings and for creating presentations. 

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In short, mobile phones are very important for any purpose. The most amazing feature of mobile phones is having access to the internet. A user can search about anything by using the internet. But it is important to select the best internet connection so that we don’t have to face any distortion while using the internet.

If a person wants to connect to the DSL internet then first of all he must know what DSL internet is. In the given article, we will discuss what is DSL internet

DSL internet

DSL is a short form of digital subscriber line DSL internet provides users with high-speed bandwidth. The main purpose of DSL internet is to work within frequencies that are not supported by telephone so that users can make phone calls while using the Internet service.

In simple words a type of technology that helps to transfer digital data over telephone lines. DSL provides users with a maximum download speed of hundred to 300 Mbps. There are certain types of DSL technology and days are given below:

  • ADSL lite
  • HDSL
  • SDLS


As we have discussed DSL internet above now we will learn the working of DSL internet. In general, the big brother of dial-up is considered as DSL internet. DSL internet is offered by many local phone services and they promise to provide high-speed internet service to users over existing telephone lines.

As we know hundreds and thousands of frequencies are carried by telephone wires but telephone communication uses only a few thousand frequencies so that DSL modem and telephone can work at a time. Basically, DSL technology is divided into two main types and these are:

  • Symmetrical DSL: 

In symmetrical DSL we have the same bandwidth for uploading and downloading speed.

  • Asymmetrical DSL:  

Asymmetrical DSL is totally different from symmetrical DSL because in this type we have more bandwidth for downloading as compared to the bandwidth for uploading. Asymmetrical DSL is used by people who download more data as compared to uploading.

Bright aspects

The advantages of DSL internet are given below:

  • It is readily available.
  • It is not expensive.
  • A dedicated circuit is given to every internet subscriber.

Dark aspects

The disadvantages of DSL internet are discussed below:

  • More fast kinds of this connection are available but they are very expensive.
  • It only provides a fast connection when the device is close to the central office.

Is DSL considered high-speed internet?

A lot of people want to know whether the DSL internet is considered high-speed internet or not. The phone line is used by DSL service to transfer high-speed internet frequencies for phones and the internet is used by DSL so that we can use both simultaneously. We can have internet speed as high as 12 Mbps 20 MBPS as well as 45 Mbps.

What are the disadvantages of DSL internet?

A lot of people want to know the disadvantages of DSL internet. If the PC is closer to the provider’s office then the DSL internet will work faster. The other major disadvantage of the DSL internet is that the speech of the internet becomes stored while transmission.


There are a lot of people who want to know the answer to the question: what is DSL internet? If you also don’t know about DSL internet and want to know more about this internet then this article will prove to be very helpful for you. We have discussed basic information about DSL internet and some related information also.


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