What Is Meant By The Internet Computer Cryptocurrency


The internet is a large network that connects computers all over the world to the internet. People can share Information and Communication from anywhere within the internet connection is called an internet computer. A computer network is a function that connects one computer to another for better communication and information.

The Internet is very vast and it is the technology of connecting multiple computers to a network. The internet can enhance or share information from one computer to another, internet access devices and scan it and share your desired information.it is a type of world while network.

Types Of Internet Computing:

Let’s come towards some types of internet computing:

The first type is LAN.

Word LAN stands for local area network. With this type of computer network, you can share your data and information with your nearby offices and home.

The second type is PAN.

The meaning of PAN is personal area network. this network you can share your information and files with only one or two computers that are interconnected with your device.

The third one is WAN.

The meaning of WAN is wide area network, as its name is your information and that is wild over the world this type of computing is very vast. And it is separated all over the world.

Forth is MAN:

Metropolitan Area Network is an abbreviation of MAN. true man, you can share your information with a computer in different regions. It is a regional computer network. 


Cryptocurrency is new technology protected through this it is impossible to double-spend the money cryptocurrency  in the technology disparate network of computers.

or you can say that it is a type of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. 

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Cryptocurrency works as a  blockchain. Blockchain means it is a chain of computers that are interconnected with one another to manage records and transactions.

The main purpose of cryptocurrency is to find out the problem of traditional currencies. You can earn money through cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple some ways to earn money through Cryptography

Advantages of cryptocurrency:

There are so many useful advantages of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has the Potential For high return.

You can earn money from Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can do the national transaction through cryptocurrency. When you exchange your money for cryptocurrency, there are fewer chances of fraud.

But you have to do risky investments, but if investments work properly you can earn a lot of money. Currency is used in new Cryptography in several ways to make money.

It is very beneficial for transactional costs. You can convert your Bitcoin into cash.

Cryptocurrency related to internet computing:

It is related to making a website but it is, even more, distinguishable. Internet Basically, internet computing was interconnected with cryptocurrency in 2014. 

Through internet computing, many computers interconnected with each other cryptocurrency is related to Internet computing because of transactions online shopping and online payment Internet computing is deeply interconnected with cryptocurrency.


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