What is The LIA Informant In Our Devices Step By Step Guidelines?


As we all have enough information about LG phones, their applications, and their accessories. A South Korean company that delivers different products to consumers is said to be LG. LG mobiles are widely famous in the world and are coming up with various series and amazing features. A tool that is used to control notification calling etc on an LG smartphone is known as LIA informant.

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This rule proves to be very helpful in getting different information as well as services in a place. The most amazing feature of this rule is that we don’t need to open all the applications whenever we need to. There are still a lot of people in this world who don’t have a single knowledge about informants. In this article, we are going to know what LIA informant is and how it is helpful in our life.

LIA informant

The system app that is present within the LG series is the LIA informant.  This app is utilized for seeing information from other LG services. The smart widget needs this application for ease of use. This app is a famous series of smartphones in the world.

LG Electronics is one of the main components of LG corporation that is a South Korean company. This app needs some permissions on a device as it is powerful and useful too:

  • This app needs to view our network information and can check our network connections.
  • LIA needs permission to read our calendar events. 
  • This app needs permission to view our call logs and can read all of the text messages.

The given possibilities are readily available in LIA informant:

Network connection

LIA informant helps different types of apps that are present in a device to have access to our network connection. These apps easily get the information related to our network connection from LIA informants and they control all work based on the network connection.

Access callings

LIA  information needs our permission so that it can have access to our call logs and other information related to it. The main purpose of an LIA informant is to control all our working and provide us ease but some people think it immoral to provide all the information to LIA informants.

Access to data, contacts, SD content, and text messages: 

Moreover, this app proves to be very helpful for the users as it reads the contacts on our device and other information based on it. LIA informant provided an interface to applications so that they can read the text messages saved on a device

Why is the LIA informant app on my phone?

There are a lot of apps on smartphones that require access to a network connection. In this situation, the LIA informant proves to be very helpful as it allows these apps to see the various information that is based on the network connection. Hence this service gives ease to apps that need to access our network connection. 

Is LIA an informant

As we know ‘Informant’ is known as LIA informant as we have discussed above smart widget required LIA informant to provide various information about a network connection to different system apps. If we don’t want an LIA informant in a device then we have the facility to uninstall it without having any safeness.


LIA informant is a service that is hidden from some users and they don’t know about this amazing feature. In the above discussion, we have discussed what LIA informant is, its features, and its uses. There are still some people that consider LIA informants as memory-hogging bloatware but we hope that after reading the above article they will change their mindset.


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