What Is The New Privacy Campaign Whatsapp Has Introduced After The Adverse Reaction Of People?


At the start of 2021 Whatsapp has made some changes in its “terms and conditions” section. These changes are not accepted by the people and they react very adversely against it, this is the main reason behind introducing this privacy campaign. First time Whatsapp has advertised a privacy campaign at a big level. It was launched in the UK. 

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It is mentioned in this campaign that Whatsapp is facing pressure from different governments including the UK to dismiss the encrypted message feature but Whatsapp is steadfast and not going to compromise. 

Whatsapp company acts on the thought that it is the responsibility of tech companies to enhance the privacy and security of the people and the government should encourage companies for doing this and the government should demand more security of people rather than put pressure on companies to compromise on Their users’ privacy.

Government is responsible for protecting everyone’s privacy so every citizen feels safe and secure. The privacy campaign was designed to flourish to the whole world, it was started in the UK and then moved towards other countries.

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End to end encryption

The main feature Whatsapp provides its users is end-to-end encrypted messages, calls, and even stickers. End-to-end encryption means that whatever you are sending to a person, will be only available to read on two devices one from which it is sent and the other which receives it.

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Other than this nobody can read the chat. Whatsapp itself and the Owner company Facebook and even any law are not allowed to see the end-to-end encrypted messages of any user.

Many governments are against encrypted messages because they are considering Whatsapp as a platform used to share illegal content. Piri Patel said that the end to encryption is not accepted, public protection matters a lot, it should be provided to them but she also didn’t know how to work to do this. 

Instead of forcing Whatsapp, countries can block WhatsApp in their countries. China has blocked this tech sector already and India is also forced to break the privacy protection rule of Whatsapp.

Steps against illegal content

As the company itself is unable to watch any material of users so instead of breaking the privacy of a user many tools are introduced to find the illegal content or any information which is not right and block it. 

These tools include the report feature through which the message receiver can report the message. The other tool is machine learning using encrypted data from WhatsApp, such that the machine will study the volume of the message that has been sent and how many times it is sent.  The flagged tool automatically flagged a message which is shared a lot of times and a limit is set that how many times a message can be forwarded by a user. 


In January WhatsApp announced some changes in its terms and conditions and a lot of people became confused and just wanted to delete their accounts. A misconception was formed that WhatsApp will share their private messages with Facebook

A lot of people move towards other social apps like Telegram. But in reality, all the changes were related to the business by which companies can accept payments on WhatsApp. 

The above article has discussed the misconceptions and the reality of the privacy campaign of WhatsApp. For more interesting articles follow our Social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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