What Is The Reason Behind Facebook And Instagram Hidding likes Feature?


Instagram and Facebook have now created an amazing feature in which likes can be hidden or removed from the post. Facebook and Instagram are providing opportunities to the users that they can hide their likes on a specific post as nobody will be able to see who has liked it or not.

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Another feature that is introduced is that a person can block likes from the entire post in this way not even the user can see about the likes.

But what will happen with this feature? The answer to this question is mysterious. Many people think that the people on social media have become very sensitive about likes so to break this mentality Facebook and Instagram have taken such initiative. The other reason is that many people share posts just by looking at likes. They don’t find any attraction towards the post.

Psychological study

Many purposes are served by likes on social media. Number one is that most of the apps bookmark a post just by liking. Another is that some people want to show love and fan following to the creators. People have become so psychologically attached to social media like addictive drugs. This addiction creates anxiety in the users.

The number of likes matters to the influencer and content creator. Likes are the only things that are a resource of motivation and demotivation for them. If someone is getting no likes then that person will automatically fall prey to stress as fewer likes mean less value in society. 

Likes are also used by the business community to measure the success of a product. They got to know whether a product needs to enhance or demolish for the betterment of the business.


Social media proves to be so addictive that we know it is bad, it is harmful yet we can’t skip it. Without feedback, creators don’t create and influencers don’t influence anybody. As likes are like food and water for content creators. 

If a creator starts moving towards the likes game then the content would always make for the sake of likes. People only watch, share and comment on such posts which contain more likes and are publicly accepted. Maybe this is the basic reason that Facebook and Instagram have taken such an initiative. 

What Is,Facebook, Instagram,Feature,Behind the Facebook,facebook and instagram hiding likes,facebook hidden features,instagram hidden features

As the people who don’t want to participate in such violating games can turn off this feature. People also face harassment problems on the post by more likes on bad pictures and fewer likes on good pictures.

Psychologists think that likes have turned social media into a complex game. People post only such content which will be a source of more likes rather than posting good content. Many experts and psychologists are in favor of hiding or removing likes. 

They think that by doing this the social media sites have increased the motivation to the content creator community as influencers won’t work for likes rather they work for good content. 

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People become more active and serious about the stuff they post. In this way, Facebook and Instagram are working well enough for the betterment of society. 

Some people think that it doesn’t change much but drop by drop it makes a river. This upgrade will start changing the content and thinking of the community and people start posting what they want, not what the audience demands.


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