Whatsapp is going test a Custom Privacy Setting for Profile Picture on Android


Whatsapp is the best messaging and communication app around the globe with the highest number of active users. The company brought many updates since the start of operations and most of them have come into existence as per the demand of customers.

On the other hand, the business account of Whatsapp is used for conducting business around the globe. Furthermore, people conduct their personal and online businesses from the official accounts of Whatsapp.

New Feature for android users:

In this article, we will discuss the new update that Whatsapp is thinking of. Before going towards the new feature, we would like to tell you that privacy and security are among the top concerns in the world.

With the advancement in technology, privacy is an emerging factor because the information flow can compromise personal information.

Nonetheless, let us talk about the new feature of Whatsapp for android users only. According to Whatsapp, the company is testing the custom privacy setting of profile pictures. As per the new setting, the user will hide the profile picture from specific contacts only.

Presently, there are two options available either to show or to hide. However, the new setting will bring an option of contacts. This change of setting will come under the umbrella of enhanced privacy settings. It is pertinent to mention here that last seen and status is among the two similar privacy settings.

A report was presented where it was mentioned that the users of the app are looking for this option. Therefore, in the wake of this need the messaging service routed a proposal, and the same was honored by the top management of the company.

Importance of new privacy setting:

Consequently, the company has almost decided to create the new privacy option on android phones first. Apart from that, the option will come with the “my contacts except . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”.  options. The rest of the two options will also be available along with this new one.

After this amendment, you will be able to show DP to the limited contacts only. This option of privacy is in line with the status and last seen. This point will be appreciated by millions of people.

As far as the possible benefits of the specification are concerned, this option will further highlight the importance of privacy for Whatsapp. Sometimes, you have contact in the list but you do not want to show him the real face of yourself.

Thus, this feature will help you in hiding yourself from these types of contacts. In contrast with that, the service will be initially available to Android users only. After the successful launch on android, the messaging service can go for Apple also.

In conclusion, we can say that this service will make the customers happy because this feature will further enhance the quality of privacy for the users of Whatsapp. As per the company, the move will further increase the business of Whatsapp.


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