WhatsApp Will Launch The Pause Recording Option On Voice Messages And Resolve The Chat Backup Issue


WhatsApp is the leading messaging service in the world with the largest number of users worldwide. WhatsApp enhanced its features and recently they are working on a very important update that will able the users to pause the voice recording.

According to the sources of WhatsApp, the new feature will be made available to the entire world very soon. However, let us talk about the WhatsApp new update about the voice message recording and chat back up.

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WhatsApp new update about voice recording

As far as the fleet of services is concerned, WhatsApp is continuously working on this factor and recommending new changes in their app. The new update is about voice messages. The users will be able to pause the voice notes. Whenever the user wants to pause the recording, he just needs to press the pause button. On top of that, the user can listen to this message to make any amendments.

Apart from that, recently the instant message service received a complaint about the backup services. Therefore, the messaging service is working to address the problem along with the voice recording update. According to WhatsApp, they will use Google drive because the backup issue is not a new problem.

Besides this, let us talk about the voice message update of WABeta. WhatsApp will soon issue the new update of the resume voice message. It is pertinent to mention here that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and the new services will be offered to both the users i.e. Android and iOS.

The instant message service revealed that the work is under development and the version will be available very soon.

WhatsApp will launch a new button on the surface that will allow the users to pause the recording and listen to it back before sending it to the receiver. Nevertheless, the date of the new change has not yet been announced but the company is hopeful to launch it as soon as possible.

Talking about the backup restoration bug of Facebook, the company has spotted that they will enhance the working on this matter. The option of Google drive will be explored by WhatsApp because this will be the most useful option. According to Android, 70% of the users have a Gmail account installed. Thus, it is recommended to explore this option to remove the trouble of chat backup.

Nonetheless, the following is the process flow via which you can fix the issue of WhatsApp by backing up the chat from the Drive issue

  • Unlink the account of WhatsApp from the Google Drive
  • It is recommended to uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Change the name of the recent database and do not change the .crypt extension. It is imperative to mention here that the database can be accessed from the file manager.
  • Now again install WhatsApp on the same phone number.
  • Currently, both the apps are unlinked. The chat app will utilize the database.
  • After restoration, the WhatsApp and drive will be back up the settings.


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