Which Movies Are The Top 5 Movies On Netflix At Present


In this time of the pandemic, most people spend time while watching movies. As we all know that Netflix is the most popular website for movies as well as web series. A person can easily spend hours and hours while watching movies. The movie stuff must be good because if it is not then 2-3 hours would be vain. 

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It is very difficult to find out which movie is good but now you can find good movies by just scrolling down this article. We have just simplified the process of streaming and finding top movies. The following movies are the most wanted movies on Netflix:

Army of the Dead

The movie revolves around a group of few soldiers that works negatively and steals money from a  casino. This thing creates a thrill for the viewers and increases their attention. In the traveling of the soldiers, they found many ups and downs during the whole journey. The clash was between the soldiers and the zombie in the sea which became the cause of the progress of the movie.

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The movie starts with a mission in which ‘Tip’ who is the protagonist in the movie makes a team with a companion whose name is ‘Oh’. Both of them continue their journey to find the clues to find out the destination of the ‘Tip’s mother’. During the whole journey, they passed through different lands and hurdles but they focus on the destination rather than focusing on the journey.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

The movie is a science fiction movie in which the protagonist of the movie starts its journey with the family and they plan for an outing. But everything goes exactly opposite to the scheme they have planned, all the scenarios go wrong. There became chaos between the machines and the humans. As the electronic devices turn rebellious in their working which turns to cause the protagonist to work and save the planet from the huge attack of the electric devices.


The whole story is based on a famous novel in which the team leader is the one who has to settle the whole story along with a puzzle to find out the killer. The protagonist has a whole working team with a good understanding.

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The team goes on decreasing as with time, one by one team members are being killed by unknown. The protagonist works to find out who is behind all problems before the greater loss happens.

The Woman in the Window

The plot revolves around a girl who always remains in the house due to certain reasons but to spend the time she does some spy stuff. She keeps an eye on the window to watch and spy on the neighbors all around. One day she found a sudden activity in the street and the whole burden was thrown on her that she was the reason behind all. The story moves as she tries to prove herself innocent.

These are some of the loved movies right now, stories are quite different and thrilling. This creates suspense in the whole plot and forces the viewers to know what will happen next?


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