Why A Person Shouldn’t Take Advice From TikTok


Most people move towards YouTube for fitness guidance, after that Instagram keenly works to provide fitness guidelines to the users. Users were thinking that no other platform can take that place on which YouTube is present but all the ideas broke away when TikTok took that place. Now TikTok is giving fitness guidelines to its users by the different video clips made by fitness experts.

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It’s not bad to take advice from the influencers on social media but it is always a risky process as they have no authentic knowledge about the whole.

Tiktok is the most dangerous platform to get fitness advice from the person whom you don’t know a confirmed trainer or not along with it short video is not enough to give complete education as expert trainers could fail in it. Everybody has a different body and medical history. The fitness advice on social media in general, which is for all with great risk.

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Less individualized

The time of TikTok videos is so short that not enough information is given to the audience and even though the audience starts following the trend. The video is so limited that it gives general ideas to the public about fitness but if a person has some different issue that weight is okay but height is not increasing then such situations cause problems.

tiktok,advice,take advice tiktok,social media

The expert who is advising on Tiktok won’t know your body needs and requirements. It may be possible that the advice that he is giving may be above the limits of one person’s body but up to the limit of another person’s body. It is important to work out according to age, gender, and medical history oneself.

Unqualified influencers

Social media is a vast platform on which anyone can give advice and suggestions. That person can make the content as useful as he likes. The worse fact about it is that social media don’t ask content creators about their qualifications and degree in the specific field on which they are giving advice.

Anyone can run Social media accounts with fake posts of high qualification but nobody’s there to know the truth behind it.

If a person just types fitness in the search bar of any social media site then one can find thousands of fitness experts working openly and giving suggestions to the audience without any degree.

Trends are not for everyone

All the trends that are made are not for positivity as some trends are created to gain popularity no matter how dangerous they can be for society. Without any solid reason, people start following trends just because everyone is talking and trying that trend.

It is better than a person just following a certified fitness expert and following the instructions with full zest. Following exercises with continuity as slow and steady wins the race.

Cool moves are not always safe

Some exercises on social media are to just show the coolness to the boys and girls. People started following the trends just to look attractive in their moves and forget the fact that how these moves can be dangerous for the body shape.

The main problem of TikTok videos is that in a short time they are made in such a way to catch the attention of the viewer hence the fitness tips would be also eye-catching rather than beneficial.

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