Why Is My Windows 10 Computer Working So Slow Complete Explanation?


To maintain the working and speed of a computer different factors are needed to focus. All the factors contribute to the best functioning of a computer but if a person lacks any one of them then the speed would start decreasing with time. A person must be vigilant about the device as well as the protection of the device to enhance the lifespan of a computer specifically with Windows 10.

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If a person is using old components of a computer such as a hard drive, motherboard, RAM, or any other component is damaged then the speed would be slow. The user must upgrade the components of a computer but it is not the only reason for the slow working of computers. There are a lot of reasons present in the market about the slow working of computers. We have discussed these reasons along with their solutions in the below guideline.

What are the reasons for slow computers and how can I speed up my Windows 10?

If a person is facing a problem that the computer of Windows 10 is working very slow. Then the person is always in search of reasons to get rid of such problems. Some of the main reasons for the slow working of Windows 10 are given below:

  • If different background applications are running then they also reduce the performance of a computer. It is encouraged to restart the device and turn off all the undesired applications so that the performance would be enhanced.
  • If a person is using an old drive then this also reduces the speed as hard drives have a limited life span. By changing the hard drive from an old version to the latest version the speed of Windows 10 computers can be increased.
  • If a person is facing the problem that there is very little space present in the device then the working would be slow. As a person is required to clean up all the temporary and useless files so that there would be more speed and space for the incoming data.
  • If there are a large number of browser extensions and add-ons then the speed would be slow. If you have opened a lot of tabs in only one browser then the computer starts lagging.
  • The performance of a computer becomes very slow if the users start using different streaming applications for videos or music. If an antivirus program is running in the background then this will automatically reduce the performance. 
  • If there is any malware or virus present in the device or the environment of a computer is very dusty then the speed will be slow. You need to put the computer in a place where good ventilation is available because overheating the device might be damaging.
  • If you are using low power mode on the device then the system would be very slow along with the older version of Windows. You need to avoid using outdated Windows versions as they only reduce the speed to a much lower level.

Why my computer is working so slow on Windows 10?

One of the most general reasons for the slow working of computers is due to the background programs. Sometimes different programs running in the background make the system work slow. It is encouraged that a user must disable or remove all the programs that start automatically each time when the computer is turned on. If you want to see what programs are running in the background and how much CPU energy and memory they are using. Then the best way is to move to the task manager of Windows 10.

How do I deal with a slow computer Windows 10?

If you are facing a problem that the computer is working very slow in Windows 10 then you need to follow some tips. You must make sure that you are using the latest version of windows and drivers. You can also restart the device and then open only the desired applications to enhance the speed of the computer.

You can also use ReadyBoost or move to the settings to check the free available space to enhance the performance. You must confirm that the system is completely managing the file size of the page.


If a person wants to understand the reason for the slow working of Windows 10 computers then this article would be very helpful in this regard. All the possible reasons for the slow working of Windows 10 are explained briefly and a person can easily fix all these issues in just a few steps.


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