Why Is The Internet Breaking Down?


Internet breaking and Facebook’s outage have raised many questions on the efficiency of the social media giant. We are sure that the owner of Facebook must read the comments that people left on his posts. Hundreds of thousands have responded to the post of Mark.

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However, if Mr. Mark read these comments, he wouldn’t sleep because they were horrible. He does not estimate the amount of loss his company caused to the people due to the outage of services.

He only wrote an apology note on Facebook after the meltdown of services. The services remained closed for six hours and all three networks were unavailable. All the privacy and information of the users were on the verge of compromise during these six hours.

An outage of Facebook

As far as Facebook’s opinion on this matter is concerned, they blamed the maintenance problem and called their engineers responsible for this happening. Nonetheless, the closure of social media was one of the biggest mistakes since it can have long-lasting impacts.

Referring to the apology post of Mr. Zuckerberg, around 850,000 people responded to that post. Almost all of them were not satisfied with this happening.

It is pertinent to mention here that many people are away from their families. During these six hours, they could not contact their family. This was the response in thousands in numbers. An Italian user commented that his family suffered badly due to this issue. They could not contact him.

A funny comment also came across where the user said that he took his phone to the repair shop as he felt it was broken. He was a user from Namibia where the internet facility is also rare.

Responses of people on apology post

Few Indian and Nigerian businessmen were angry over this issue. As per them, shutting down all the facilities has caused them unprecedented loss. They demanded compensation from Facebook.

On the other hand, billions of people did not respond to the apology note of Mr. Mark. There were thousands of comments that we cannot discuss here owing to a shortage of space. This is for sure that the response from the people was destructive.

In the longer run, Facebook can face huge losses due to this. Communication and trading were stopped and the trading resulted in losses in the form of money. Apart from that, Facebook needs to clarify the position and make sure the people that the same will not occur in the future.

Let us tell you that this problem also arose in 2018. Therefore, it is evident that after every 3 to 4 years outages of Facebook and its products are coming into existence. The disruption needs to be addressed since the widespread problem is not so good for the future of Facebook.

Besides this, the reliance on the internet on small networks and network companies is an emerging issue. The social media giants need to focus on this factor and enhance productivity to cope with the challenges.

WhatsApp is the premium messaging service and basic mode of communication in the entire world. Thus, the disruption has caused many problems.


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