Why Samsung Galaxy S21 Is Easily Repairable Than Galaxy S20


In the event that you’ve recently dished out for another Samsung Galaxy S21 you may be considering that it is so natural to fix should anything happen to it. 

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We presently have the appropriate response. To put it plainly, not very, but rather it ought to, at any rate, be simpler to fix than its archetype. 


iFixit has as of late dismantled another gadget. It was the Samsung Galaxy S21, which got a repairability rating of 4 out of 10.

In spite of a particularly unassuming outcome, the leader was still better compared to its archetype the Galaxy S20. 

While iFixit never formally posted an authority rating for the Galaxy S20, the South Korean tech monster’s most recent leader is unmistakably simpler to fix, according to a GSMArena report. 

Taking a gander at the video, it very well may see that the plastic back is simpler to eliminate than a glass board. Moreover, the level showcase is simpler to eliminate too, which is additionally now made to be separable. 

The purpose behind the generally low score is the trouble in eliminating the battery and the presentation. 

Samsung likewise sticks the batteries in the Galaxy S21, as opposed to having a draw tab that makes it simpler. 

The destroy likewise offers fascinating next to each other shots of the new unique mark scanner too. 

We can see that the Galaxy S20 Ultra highlighted a lot bigger sensor that covered more surface region in the engine 

Samsung Battery 

Furthermore, the battery is stuck down, which makes it significantly harder to eliminate than if there was only a force tab as there is on certain telephones. 

It appears to then that Samsung positively has some work to do as far as the repairability of its telephones, which even more explanation you should place your Samsung Galaxy S21 for a situation. 

5 different ways the Galaxy S21 arrangement is superior to the S20 

  • Camera 
  • S Pen 
  • Display
  • Battery Life 
  • New Biometric Technique 

The Galaxy S21 Color

  • Samsung S21: Gray, Pink, Violet, and White
  • Samsung S21+: Black and Silver
  • Samsung S21 Ultra: Black, Silver, Violet 

Would it be advisable for me to hang tight for Samsung S21? 

The Galaxy S21 delivery date is still weeks away and large numbers of you can’t or basically don’t have any desire to stand by until 2021 to update.

 All things considered, the Galaxy S21 should be on your radar in case you’re wanting to update your telephone later in the year. 

While it’s certainly acceptable to see that the Galaxy S21 is making enhancements for the reach’s general simplicity of fix. 

Samsung actually has ground to make up for its rivals. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro scored a more-decent 6 out of 10 on a similar scale. 

In view of this, you’re unquestionably going to need to keep your Galaxy S21 secured, regardless of whether it is marginally simpler to fix. 

So make a point to look at our summary of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases.

So it’s up to you which phone you like. Every phone has its own features and interests. Thanks for reading this article. 

We hope you can easily understand the repairing comparison between S20 and S21. Follow us on social media for more updates and information.


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