Wuhan Lab Theory Origins Of COVID-19 In The View Of Dr.Li-Meng Yan And Donald Trump


The clash between two powers is well known, one is the superpower while the other is an emerging superpower. It was in the game of rivalry that the media of one country exaggerated the problem caused by another country, the same as the media of the USA. 

donald trump,covid-19,dr. li-meng yan

Love to talk about the basic origin of COVID-19. It was previously believed that COVID-19 came into this World to make disasters from a lab in Wuhan which is the city of China.

In the previous studies, people believed that the virus came from animals and started its worst impact on human beings but now the idea is being rejected by the theory about the ‘Wuhan Lab’

The disease which causes the whole world to suffer from the worst conditions, lockdowns, and stuck living at one point creates many stories and theories of its origin. 

This World always needs someone to blame or point fingers at someone for the fault hence the media is specially working to find the origin or the reason behind the origin and the spread of this pandemic.

Researchers and experts worked hard to find out whether the origin was from animals or not. There were only two persons who were actively participating and spreading the fact that the origin of COVID-19 is China and its Wuhan Lab. 

One was the previous president of the USA Donald Trump and the second was an immunologist of China Dr.Li-Meng Yan. Both of them were so harsh in their ideas that both got their social media banned as they were spreading false news on social media.

‘I was Right’ Donald Trump

Donald Trump loves to talk about controversies, the same in the case of COVID-19. Donal Trump believed and spread the man-made virus story of Wuhan lab and spread negativity in society. while this was strongly opposed by American media and other authorities and banned his Twitter and Facebook account for misguiding the Youth by his rigid opinions.

Donald Trump wrote a blog in which he proved himself to be right about the COVID-19 origin. This is still a mystery whether China is the origin of the spread of COVID-19 or not.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan

She was an immunologist who had the same belief as Donald Trump. She also prefers that the COVID-19 is a man-made virus, which is made in the Wuhan Lab. She gained much of the prominence just explaining its ideas about the virus. 

donald trump,covid-19,dr. li-meng yan

Many people spoke about the paper Dr.Yan has posted on Twitter but after that, she got banned because of her act of misleading society. Nobody knows where she is at present because she has many life threats due to being involved in the controversies.

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She was last spotted in an Indian news podcast where her reaction was quite different as was before. She reacted heartily when the host claimed that China is the cause of the spread of COVID-19.

In this way, nothing is clear who is responsible and what is the origin of COVID-19?


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