Zuckerberg Discards Profits Claim Crashes False Picture Of Facebook


It seems like Mr. Zuckerberg is in the hot waters nowadays. He has been facing several challenges regarding Facebook. On Monday, the company faced widespread outage whereas recently they came across an antitrust claim.

On Tuesday, Zuckerberg broke his silence on a very different scandal where he was facing an issue of profit claims. As per the news reported in several reliable and known newspapers, the scandal was about the plaguing. There was an email that was sent by Zuckerberg regarding Facebook’s effect.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s Response

The founder of Facebook publicized the email to clarify the subject matter. This was published on the official Facebook account of Zuckerberg. He stated regarding the hearing of Facebook on the effects of users.

Mr. Zuckerberg said that he is sure that the employees have to face the coverage hard regarding the company. Apart from that, he urged that we should take care of the issue of well-being and safety. He further stated that mental health should have been the main focus of the company.

The owner of a social media giant said that there are a lot of misrepresents of their work and mission in the world. Furthermore, the reason for this injustice is the jealousy of their work. On the other hand, Mr. Zuckerberg reiterated that the false picture of their company has been shown to the entire world.

Allegations of the former product manager

Before that, the former product manager of Facebook made astonishing revelations. She released thousands of internal documents regarding the company. She urged that the US lawmakers should focus on this issue and check out the oversight of this issue.

She added that the social network has several disadvantages for the children. As per her, Facebook has been causing harm and division for the children. On the other hand, it can also badly impact the democracy of the US.

The statement of Mr. Zuckerberg came after the allegations of former product managers. The comment regarding weakening the democracy was pronounced as alarming in the media because it poses a direct threat to the Government of the US.

Apart from that, as far as the leaked documents are concerned, she said that the documents have leaked based on Wall Street’s findings. Talking about the papers of wall street journal, the journal released that Instagram has been harming teenage girls and boys.

According to the research of Wall street journal, Facebook has been making difficulties for teenage girls and boys. The attitude of the children is getting angrier due to the interface of social media.

Miss. Haugen who is the ex-product manager of Facebook revealed that she is the whistleblower and leaked the information of Facebook to save the lives of millions. She stated that money is everything for Facebook.

The company does not focus on moral and ethical issues and this is an alarming situation for them. Nevertheless, Facebook has denied all the allegations because as per social media giant these are baseless and fraudulent revelations.


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